The Pototan Coliseum is easily the most imposing structure in this perennial rice granary municipality in central Iloilo.


Standing on a 3,000 square meter area, it dominates the landscape of the expansive town plaza. Its dome gleams in the sunlight and the architectural and engineering design cannot fail to catch the attention of the viewer.


Originally, the structure was planned as a covered gymnasium for various sports activities, especially basketball. But as the work progressed, revisions and changes in the plans were also made.


It is often said that Rome wasn’t built in a day. This saying aptly applies to this particular project.


First conceived by Congressman Licurgo Tirador in 1992 continued by Congressman Manuel “Quedo” Parcon and completed by Congressman Arthur D. Defensor, Sr. as a gift and as a lasting legacy to the people of Pototan.  It was completed only in 2006.


It was really a grand design in keeping with the ascendancy of Pototan among the towns of Iloilo.


The Department of Public Works and Highways was tasked to undertake the planning and construction of the complex. The Second Iloilo Engineering District was then under Engineer Roberto Doromal. The initial appropriation was P4 million. But the project encountered delays due to fiscal adjustments.


Then in 1998, Engineer Alfredo B. Panaguiton took over the helm of the Second Iloilo Engineering District. Work on the project resumed at the fast pace with funds available all throughout the period of construction. The cooperation of all the leaders of Pototan-Congressman Licurgo Tirador who later became mayor, Mayor Manuel Parcon who also became congressman, Congressman Arthur Defensor and the incumbent Mayor Pablo Perez were also key factors in the realization of the project.


The officials of the Department of Public Works and Highways, from the national to the regional level, also provided full support in the course of the project implementation. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who has a special sentimental attachment to Pototan also gave her support and approval. The Coliseum is also the product of the labor of love of the men and women in the Second Engineering District.


Today, the Pototan, Coliseum is now fully completed and ready for use. The total cost of the project amounted to P45, 654, 000.00. Twenty four million pesos was initially released by then Congressman Licurgo Tirador from this community development fund but Congressman Arthur Defensor saw the grand design and pursued the project to its eventual completion.


As a basketball court, the facilities of the complex are all first class and up to international standard. The wood parquet covering the court is of imported maple wood. The electronic scoring system is high-tech and ultra modern. There is an adequate water supply and the comfort rooms are really designated for comfort.


The seating capacity on the lower portion is 2,500 persons while the bleachers can accommodate more than 3,000 spectators


The lighting is of the highest quality and the acoustics are simply perfect. This is because the old stage whose shell has been retained can also be used for sophisticated cultural performances.


The Pototan Coliseum, the newest physical layer of growth to rise in the town, affirms the primacy of Pototan among the towns of Iloilo.


The Pototan Coliseum is the collective pride not only the people of Pototan but also of the people of Iloilo. It is a dream fulfilled. It is an ambition realized. It was conceived and it was born.