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A premier center of agriculture in the Visayas under a people-centered governance transformed into a progressive, peaceful, and ecologically-balanced and resilient community of highly competent Pototanons thriving in a vibrant economy.


1. Attainment of rice production surplus of 50% in the municipality by year 2023

2. Increase production and net income of farmers

3. Increase production and expand area of organic rice and other commodities by 10% and 5%, respectively.

4. Increase livestock and poultry production by 5% annually

5. Maintain chicken and hog sufficiency level of 110% and 150% per year, respectively, and status of the municipality as the net exporter of chicken and hog

6. Intensify sustainable agriculture through intensive trainings and education

7. Strong and viable farmer organizations/cooperatives by 2023





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Functional Statements, Objectives And Expected Results

Municipal Agriculturist's Office


I. Functional Statements

As a devolved function, the Office of the Municipal Agriculturist is tasked to formulate and provide technical assistance to ensure the delivery of basic services and provision of adequate facilities relative to agricultural services as provided for in Section R.A. 7160.

II. Objectives

To formulate plans and programs to implement the provisions of section 17 R.A. 7160 relative to agricultural activities and services.