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PostHeaderIcon Climate


1.      Seasons

Pototan , like other municipalities in the Province of Iloilo has two (2) seasons, namely: wet and dry. Dry season occurs from the month of January to April and wet during the rest of the year.


2.      Typhoons

The Province of Iloilo is not within the country’s typhoon belt area. However, Typhoons occasionally occur all over the provincial area when the westernly winds from Sibuyan Sea begin to unleash its strength.

3.    Temperature

When typhoons occur, usually the municipality is affected by heavily rain showers and turbulent winds. The temperature in Pototan is variant due to the combined influence of topography and air steam direction.


PostHeaderIcon Soil Types

Santa Rita Clay

  • Found in the plains of Barangays Bonco, Dongsol, Jamabalud , Dawis, Casalsagan , Naga, Nanga, Jebioc, Pajo, Culob, Tumcon Ilaud, Igang, Barasan, Tumcon Ilaya, Lumbo, Sinuagan, Malusgod, Macatol, Danao, Lay-Ahan, Palanguia, Pitogo, Ubang and Intaluan. This Comprise a total land area of 6,773.46 hectares or 71.68 % of the land.

Alimodian Clay Loam

  • Found in Cahaguichican, Rumbang, Amamaros and parts of Igang, Purog, Cato-ogan and Poblacion. This type of clay can be used in the making of clay products, one of the cottage industries of the residents of these Barangays. This type covers 818 hectares or 8.66% of the land area.

Umingan FineSandy loam

  • Found in Nabitasan, Naslo, Bagacay, Abaangay, Zarrague, Fundacion, Macatol, Malusgod, Gibuangan and parts of Batuan, Cau-Ayan , Dapitan, lay-ahan and sinuagan. This encompass 19.66 % of the land area.