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Functional Statements, Objectives And Expected Results

Municipal Social Welfare Development Office

Budget Year 2012


I. Functional Statements

The MSWDO is a devolved agency mandated to care, protect and rehabilitate the segment of population which has the least in life in terms of physical, mental and social well being. It has devolved programs and services focused on the disadvantage with strategies along the rehabilitation of individuals.


II. Objectives

1. To provide opportunities to 3-6 years old children to achieve their total development.

2. To give food assistance to malnourished (0-3 years old) children to improve their nutritional status.

3. To provide capital assistance to most disadvantaged person, Family in the community.

4. To provide emergency relief or limited financial assistance (burial and medical) to indigent families or individual.

5. To provide program and services to elderly (Senior Citizens), children and person with disabilities.